July 25, 2012

Sprite Cow

Creating CSS sprites may never get easier than this.

July 24, 2012

R.C. Sproul, YEC, 6-Day Creation, and a Model of Humility


Over the years, I have come to believe that far more dangerous than a belief in evolution and an old earth is the teaching that these ideas are responsible for all the great problems in our society and that no Christian can accept them without dramatically harming their faith and witness.


In light of this disunity and uncharitable public discourse, my concern has been more with how Christians articulate and defend what they believe about Genesis, and less what the substance of that belief is.

A visual representation of a typical Internet argument

A visual representation of a typical Internet argument


My new jam: “Alive” by Bazooka

This Italo disco songs starts off with a killer riff and just gets better from there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this track since yesterday, but it has yet to get old. But what else would you expect from a band called freakin’ Bazooka?

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A very nice — and constantly growing — collection of free icons, all of which are available as PNG and SVG files.

July 23, 2012

M83 & Men at Work, together at last

Start your week off right with this mashup of M83’s “Midnight City” and Men at Work’s “Down Under”. You’re welcome. 

July 22, 2012

“Dream Odyssey” by Mono

“Dream Odyssey” by Mono

As previously reported, the Japanese post-rock outfit Mono are set to release their latest album, For My Parents, on September 4. A song from the album, titled ”Dream Odyssey”, recently popped up on-line (listen below) and it reveals that the band aren’t deviating at all from the aesthetic that has made them so successful. Slow-burning guitars that move from gently melodic to quietly roaring, melodramatic string arrangements, an overall cinematic tone… it’s all there.

Lovely stuff to be sure, and a good indicator that For My Parents will be the sort of emotional listen that we’ve come to expect from Takaakira Goto and his bandmates.

Why the [Shootings] Mean That We Must Support My Politics

This was originally written after 9/11, but it’s still relevant in light of the recent Colorado shootings.

Many people will use this terrible tragedy as an excuse to put through a political agenda other than my own. This tawdry abuse of human suffering for political gain sickens me to the core of my being. Those people who have different political views from me ought to be ashamed of themselves for thinking of cheap partisan point-scoring at a time like this. In any case, what this tragedy really shows us is that, so far from putting into practice political views other than my own, it is precisely my political agenda which ought to be advanced.

Torgo returns in the “Manos: The Hands of Fate” video game

Torgo returns in the “Manos: The Hands of Fate” video game

When fertilizer salesman Hal Warren set out to make his magnum opus, Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966), it’s doubtful that he envisioned the cult following that would surround his movie, now regarded as one of the worst of all time. And it’s downright impossible that, in his wildest dreams, he’d think somebody would eventually make a video game based on his movie that people would play on their phones. But it’s 2012 now, and UK-based FreakZone Games are doing just that.

According to the developers, the Manos video game, which is being done in a retro 8-bit NES style, is intended as “an epic celebration of nostalgic badness, presented as something good”:

MANOS is an homage to all of the cheesy games you remember from your childhood! Remember how every film and cartoon had it’s own platform game adaptation? How concepts in the film were made completely nonsensical for the case of gameplay? When every man, woman, child, animal and inanimate object were out to kill Marty McFly, Freddie Krueger filled the streets with bats, ghosts and frankenstein monsters and Darth Vader would casually transform into a scorpion? MANOS will take you back to the fantastically absurd movie adaptations of the past!

“Nonsensical” is right: I don’t recall there being any airplane dogfights in the movie (those were probably pretty tough to pull off with a $19,000 budget, even in 1966). Overall, it looks like it could be an amusing distraction, especially if you’re a fan of MST3K-worthy movies (check out the list of the game’s villains). More info can be found in the FAQ.

Be sure to listen for the haunting Torgo theme in all of its chiptune glory.

Manos: The Hands of Fate will be released for iOS on July 26, with an Android version planned for later in the year. Other versions may surface later, too. A sequel may be developed as well, to tie in with the forthcoming Manos: The Search for Valley Lodge.

July 21, 2012

Developing a good content strategy with ExpressionEngine

This article explores one of ExpressionEngine’s biggest selling points.

ExpressionEngine presents a completely different way of structuring, storing, and displaying content than you might expect, so it helps to understand why ExpressionEngine treats content the way it does before jumping into your first project. We built EE to be as flexible as possible, so that means it also makes as few assumptions as possible with respect to your content. If EE was only meant as a blogging tool, for example, it might come pre-installed with two content fields for each entry: one for the entry’s title and another for the rest of the entry’s content, typically labeled Body. Since we don’t know what kind of content you’ll be publishing with EE, however, we leave it to you to plan out the different fields you’ll use to store your content.

This lack of assumptions re. a site’s content was one of the primary reasons why I migrated Opus to ExpressionEngine all those years ago, and why I continue to use it for nearly all of my freelance projects. It does make ExpressionEngine a bit more challenging to understand initially, but once you wrap your mind around it — and become familiar with the wide array of third-party fieldtypes out there — it becomes an incredibly powerful and flexible platform.