Joy Electric

Joy Electric

The Otherly Opus

2007, Tooth & Nail Records

Ronnie Martin’s antediluvian history concept record takes even the most familiar of Biblical tales and puts a newly poignant spin on them.

The Ministry of Archers

2005, Tooth & Nail Records

The Ministry of Archers feels like a throwback to past Joy Electric efforts like We Are The Music Makers and Five Stars For Failures.

The Tick Tock Treasury

2003, Tooth & Nail Records

While still a magnificent feast for the ears, every song on The Tick Tock Treasury reminds me of past Joy Electric albums.

The White Songbook

2001, BEC Recordings

The best way to sum up The White Songbook is as a consummation.


2000, BEC Recordings

There are acoustic guitars and piano, but the synth is still evident, creating a wispy, calming effect.


1999, BEC Recordings

Ronnie’s made a gutsy move on this one, pushing on with his own musical vision and remaining steadfast to his spiritual beliefs.

The Land of Misfits

1998, BEC Recordings

I’m somewhat torn on this release.

Old Wives Tales

1997, Tooth & Nail Records

Old Wives Tales is further progression in the sound of We Are The Music Makers.

We Are The Music Makers

1996, Tooth & Nail Records

At the risk of sounding cheesy, Joy Electric’s music brings back a sort of wistfulness for more innocent, carefree days.


1994, Tooth & Nail Records

I would strongly recommend it to anyone who likes techno-dance-computer-music-video-game soundtrack-sounding music.