Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens

All Delighted People EP

2010, Asthmatic Kitty Records

All Delighted People is some of the most ambitious music that Sufjan has released to date.

Songs For Christmas

2006, Asthmatic Kitty Records

Songs For Christmas not only reveals Sufjan’s growth as a songwriter, its a deeply moving and reverent treatment of Christmas music.


2005, Asthmatic Kitty Records

Illinois is just as accomplished, fully-realized, involving, and disarming as its predecessor.

Seven Swans

2004, Sounds Familyre

With his humility and subtlety, Stevens gets it right where so much of the ‘praise and worship’ music out there gets it so very wrong so much of the time.


2003, Asthmatic Kitty Records

I’ll wager that even after you’ve listened to Michigan countless times, you’ll still hear some new sound or fragment that makes it seem new all over again.

Enjoy Your Rabbit

2001, Asthmatic Kitty Records

Sufjan Stevens displays a real knack for taking his arsenal of abstract sounds and letting them go wild without damaging his music’s integrity.

A Sun Came

1998, Asthmatic Kitty Records

A stunning blend of ‘60s psychedelic pop influences with middle-eastern and east Indian musical touches and a trace of experimental noise.