January 30, 2012

Do You Care What Others Think about You?

I’ve really been enjoying Alan Noble’s “Citizenship Confusion” column for Christ and Pop Culture, and his latest column — which is a rumination of sorts on Romans 12:16-18 — is another example why.

First, how antithetical this is to our tendency towards arrogance and disregard for others, particularly online. Truly, how often do we consider whether or not our words will promote harmony? Our culture delights in and rewards those who spread controversy, but do we? Should we? There is currently an entire sub-culture in Christianity that subsists on criticizing and stirring up controversies, all under the name of “discernment.” At Christ and Pop Culture we try to ensure that we discuss issues that we believe are important to and for our readers, but I’m sure we’ve also fallen at times to the temptation of spreading controversy over promoting harmony.