April 30, 2012

Now Streaming: Richard Hawley’s “Standing at the Sky’s Edge”

Related: Richard Hawley calls Standing at the Sky’s Edge his “angry record”. More:

“It’s an angry album. The gloves are off. I don’t really write political songs but like most right-minded people I’m angry at what’s happening here in Britain. It’s to do with having kids, to a degree, and watching them grow and wondering what sort of mess we’re going to leave them with.”

I ask him about the title song, which describes the blighted lives of three characters all laid low by circumstance, defeated by a system that has no place, or need, for them.

“I can’t be the only one who’s thinking that the present government are using the recession to push through policies that sew it all up for the privileged few. It’s like they’re kettling the rest of us in every way, closing us in and closing us down — shutting down libraries, restricting access to further education, hacking away at the NHS. I’m not a soapbox merchant but what defines a civilised society for me is that we look after the sick and the elderly, educate our kids, nourish and cherish the next generation and give them ideals that are worth sticking to.”