January 9, 2012

“The abstractions of the culture wars”

I’m glad that Rod Dreher is back and blogging, because the result is stuff like this (emphasis mine):

The abstractions of the culture wars break down in actual families and in actual communities. I found out that in my small, very conservative and churchgoing Southern town, there’s a lot of affection for Ginger Snap, a local black drag queen. Ginger Snap has her own float in the community Christmas parade. I guarantee that if you polled the people along the parade route, both white and black, nine out of 10 would say that homosexuality is wrong and that same-sex marriage shouldn’t be allowed. But they will also watch Ginger Snap roll by on her float and wave. Ginger Snap is Matthew, the kindly young maitre’d at a restaurant in town. He’s always polite, and kind to people’s children when they come in. The idea that holding a critical moral position on homosexuality obliges one to hate this young gay man would strike most people around here as strange. If you are the sort of person who demands that everyone around you adopt your own point of view before you will establish some sort of relationship with them, you will be unhappy and isolated, until and unless you can move to a city big enough to establish yourself in your own ghetto.

Amen and amen.