February 24, 2013

The RIAA just doesn’t understand SEO

Techdirt's Mike Masnick on the RIAA’s claims that Google doesn’t do enough to give lower ranks to download sites:

[H]ere’s the thing that the RIAA just doesn’t seem to get. Google’s entire business and algorithm are built, ground up, around the idea of understanding what people are looking for when they search, and then taking them to that place. The RIAA might not like it, but the simple fact is that when people are searching for [artist] [track] mp3 and [artist] [track] download, chances are they’re not looking to buy, but to download for free. So that’s what Google is showing them. That’s not Google’s fault. That’s what the person is searching for. Even if Google magically did show them Apple, Amazon and Emusic as the top results for every [artist] [track] mp3 and [artist] [track] download, the people doing those searches wouldn’t go there, because they’re not looking to buy. If they did a search on “[artist] [track] buy” perhaps there would be different results.

Via BoingBoing.