A Tale Of Two Sisters


South Korea

Todd over at Twitch has been raving about this film almost nonstop, so much so that I picked up a copy when I was in Toronto (gotta love those 6 DVDs for $30 deals in Chinatown)... and promptly set it on my shelf where it has been gathering dust ever since.  I’m not really sure why I took so long to watch it.  I’m sure part of it has to do with the fact that I’m not much of a horror fan, though A Tale Of Two Sisters is most definitely not a retread of the Ring/Ju-On formula that’s been done to death these days.  And I also suppose part of the reason is my natural skepticism about films that have received heaps of praise, and that is definitely the case with A Tale Of Two Sisters.

But in all honesty, it does deserve quite a bit of that praise.  For starters, the film is just absolutely gorgeous to watch.  Writer/director Kim Ji-woon (who first burst on the scene with The Foul King) shoots some beautiful film, especially inside the house in which the film is set.  He loves to capture the textures and patterns throughout the house, leading your eye into the background where the scares often happen.  And unlike many horror directors, he’s not afraid of suffusing his scenes with bright sunlight, creating cheery, nostalgic scenes that are promptly turned inside out.

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