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Aphex Twin

Listen to This Fan-Created Version of Aphex Twin’s ‘Selected Ambient Works Volume 3’


Luxury’s Unique Rock n’ Roll Story Is Becoming a Documentary

Dynamic Stillness, Steve Roach

“Dynamic Stillness” by Steve Roach (Review)

Light Pulses

Building Better Blog Networks

Gold, Starflyer 59

Nostalgia & Heartache in Starflyer 59’s ‘Gold’


Ride Reunited


Reading: “Chrindie” Music, Sufjan Stevens, Protecting Kids from Porn, ‘Parks and Recreation,’ the Coptic Martyrs, and more

Trophies, Luxury

“Trophies” by Luxury (Review)

Jon Stewart

Reading: Farewell Jon Stewart, ‘American Horror Story,’ Marvel’s “Infinity Gauntlet” Saga, ISIS and American History, and Shamed on Social Media

Yoko Kanno

The Diverse Genius of Yoko Kanno


Reading: Newsweek vs. The Bible, “Mid-Reputable” TV, Vaccines, “Star Trek,” Kendrick Lamar, Political Correctness & More

Children of Morta

“Starr Mazer” and “Children of Morta” Prove 16-Bit Games Are as Cool as Ever

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